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Etching - Gino Severini The gallery-bookshop MAVIDA was born in 1989 from joining together different activities concerning books, original prints, paper restoration. Since then our seat has have being the Manfredi Brothers Workshop, an art printing office established in 1987, but working ever since several years thanks to the owners’ precocious apprenticeship in their father Alberto Manfredi’s study. The printing office has plenty of everything necessary to assist artists in realizing and printing moulds, both chalcographic and lithographic, both wooden and of linoleum.

The Fratelli Manfredi Workshop has always printed etchings also for other publishers or customers; in particular, for the editions of Libreria Antiquaria Prandi in Reggio Emilia, as well as the etchings by Renato Guttuso for “Gli anni delle immagini perdute” by Valerio Zurlini, or for example the etching by Gino Severini for the catalogue of the complete graphic works edited by Francesco Meloni. Recently, among the most important works, the Manfredi Brothers Workshop has wholly realized the edition of “The Song of Songs”, edited by the One Hundred Friends of the Book and illustrated with lithographies by Aldo Salvadori.

Many are the artists whose engraving’s run has been edited by the Manfredi Brothers Workshop; besides those already told, let us mention among the others Sigfrido Bartolini, Renzo Biasion, Arnoldo Ciarrocchi, Mario Calandri, Italo Cremona, Gino Forti, Mino Maccari, Paolo Manaresi, Franco Rognoni, Aligi Sassu; moreover, let us add to these the runs of crossed out plates by Luigi Bartolini and by Antonio Ligabue commissioned by the owners as documentation. Many are then the artists still active who work with the workshop both for our own editions and for runs having a different destination.

The chalcographic techniques are printed with the hand press Bendini (maximum print size cm. 50x70), and with the electric press Lazzarini (maximum print size cm. 100x180). The xylographic and the lineographic tecniques are printed with the hand cylinder proof press Saroglia (maximum print size cm.70x100). The lytographic ones, only used with stones, are printed with the hand press Bollito and Torchio (maximum print size 50x70).

Thanks to its plenty of equipment, the workshop edits limited editions as well (folders, books placards) on its own and on behalf of a third party; moreover it has fount schemes of various lead types at its disposal (Bodoni, Garaldus, Garamone, Magister, Donatello, Cochin, and others belonging to the Italian tradition).

As the linoleum engravings and the xylographies, so the texts are printed with the hand inking proof press Saroglia and with the proof press Korrex by Max Simmel, the last one with automatic inking and sheet placing. The editions are then edited in every stage, often even the binding, by the very printers.